Author Joel Wiebe


Joel Wiebe grew up hunting for nightcrawlers in the lawn the evening before a fishing trip. Now he has replaced this tradition with late night cram sessions crafting flies from the tying vice. Manitoba is home. He finds excitement exploring new water and species throughout the province with a fly rod. Stillwater trout holds a precious place in his heart. On weeknights he can be found stalking carp and catfish in local urban creeks, Lockport or marshes and wetlands in the Interlake. His dreams and nightmares vividly paint scenarios of Muskies chasing 12 inch streamers figure 8’ed around the boat. Summer’s focus and challenge is set on landing these elusive beasts on heavier fly rod setups. Joel wants to spread his love for fly fishing with other anglers and hopes that Manitoba can grow a stronger more vibrant fly community and culture.

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EARLY SEASON TROUT Stocked trout lakes remain fair game year long. Be it through the sheet…