New HD Contour Lakemaster Map of Manitoba


It has been years in the making but Humminbird has come out with a new LakeMaster map card for Manitoba.  It was released this week and features over 100 HD surveyed waters in one foot contour detail.  This is actual boats on the water surveying from Humminbird’s team of surveyors. As a bonus for Manitoba anglers it also includes ALL of Lake of the Woods and Rainy River, also in HD.

There are also numerous additional lakes in Standard Definition detail, (derived from available map sources,) providing a great foundational base map for angling and navigation.


Even beyond the map detail, Humminbird LakeMaster maps offer exclusive features.  These features take mapping functionality to a new level, beyond simply having HD contour detail. These include:

Depth Highlight

Shallow Water Highlight

Water Level Offset

(Follow the Contour with Minn Kota’s iPilot Link)

Depth Colors – Adjusts the color shading of the depth contours.  This allows you to view a more intuitive shading from White (Shallow) to Blue (Deep) to suit your desired preference, depending the lake depth.

Contour Interval – SOLIX models allow you to adjust the contour interval.  This is a nice feature, especially where tight 1 foot contour lines might make the map look “too busy”.  Even adjusting to 2 foot intervals, reduces excessive contour lines while maintaining detail.

These maps are available at your favourite tackle retailer.


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