Walleye Wednesday!


Are you Walleye crazy? Do you pine after Lake Winnipeg monster greenbacks? From Tobin Lake in Saskatchewan to Lake Erie, Ontario, and most of the upper midwest USA to the Texas, there are walleye nuts everywhere!

If you haven’t already seen Target Walleye email newsletters, you’re in for something great. A fun and informative read, it’s all-walleye, all-the-time! You can sign up for their newsletter here and get your walleye news fix every week.

Now here’s another awesome walleye item… Walleye Wallets! Produced in Manitoba by master tanner Clint Boyd, these wallets are made from a commercial byproduct… fish skin!  These unique, hand-crafted, tanned Walleye leather wallets are sure to be at the top of the list for any outdoor enthusiast. The walleye skins are tanned into genuine leather, with the distinctive pattern of Manitoba walleye. Learn more and buy them here.

And just so you know where the walleye are in North America, here’s a handy chart!

Walleye distribution


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