Fly-in Ice Fishing with Buff!


Hooked magazine, KidSport Winnipeg and FXR teamed up to provide an auction prize at the 2016 Mark Scheifele Annual Golf Classic to go on an ice fishing trip with Winnipeg Jets’ Dustin Byfuglien. Auction winners Dr. Joe Kim and Dr. Joel Myhre were treated to an amazing day of fly-in ice-fishing on Lake Dauphin, Manitoba!

Derek Longley from Prairie Helicopters flew our winners, along with Buff and friend Keith Ballard, plus Josh McFaddin from FXR, onto Lake Dauphin. They were met on the ice by Hooked publisher Kevin Stobbe and editor Don Lamont, plus Mike Witoski from KidSport Winnipeg.

Gildas Paradis from Riverside lodge and Don (Sticky) Stokotelny from Sticky’s Bait & Tackle had set up their ice shacks, drilled holes, and were ready to roll with rods and bait. Sticky kept us hopping by yelling at us every time a rod was on fish, and rebaited hooks faster than anything! Gildas and Joanne Paradis had hosted the ground crew at nearby Riverside Lodge, providing wonderful accommodation for the two nights we were there.

Joe and Joel got to fish with Buff and Keith in the main shack, trading stories and laughs. As the day processed we all mostly fished outside, and caught several good sized walleye and a few pike. We found out you don’t want to catch a pike on Dauphin Lake, or else they set a bottle rocket off on parts you shouldn’t!

Chef Craig Geunther cooked up a storm the day before, and helped prepare lunch on the ice with supplied barbecue from Danny’s Whole Hog, while local friends of Mike’s brought deer sausage and apple pie to add to the mix. That evening Chef Craig cooked us an amazing gourmet meal before the VIPs had to head back to the city.

All in all it was a fun day of fishing, superb food and creating new friends.


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