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An angler’s paradise for hot summertime multi-species action. Nestled in the heart of northwestern Ontario’s Sunset Country, Sioux Lookout is rich with angling opportunities. At its doorstep lies tens-of-thousands of acres of unspoiled natural lakes that are teeming with fish. Walleye, northern pike, bass, muskie and lake trout are abundant in this unique setting where an angler could literally spend a lifetime fishing and not cover the same shoreline twice.

Walleye are the biggest draw for anglers to Sioux Lookout with legendary Lac Seul setting the stage for unbeatable numbers and trophy fish. Catches of 100-plus walleye per day are common on Lac Seul and the chance for a trophy exists with every hook-set.

During the summer months, walleye on Lac Seul concentrate in depths of 20 to 40 feet of water. This deep-water bite, coupled with the trophy potential, bodes well for leaving the ultra-light gear at home. Medium power, fast action rods in the 6- to 7-foot range are ideal for deep-water hook sets and for fighting these larger then average Canadian walleye. Spool up with 8-pound monofilament or 10-pound braided (no-stretch) line.

Catching fish can be the easy part and oftentimes the simplest presentation is the best one. For this reason, jig fishing is as popular as it is effective for catching walleye on Lac Seul. A vertical presentation with one-quarter to one-half ounce jigs allows you to keep your bait near bottom and in the strike zone. Top jig colors include orange, chartreuse, white, pink and glow. Tipping jigs with live minnows is the best bet for guaranteed action, although artificial soft-plastics also work. Pulling spinners behind bottom bouncers also catches fish and is a great choice for covering water. Crawlers or minnows get the nod for this presentation.

For those who like to troll, pulling deep diving crankbaits along main lake basin structure is a great way to target big fish. The action might not be as fast, but big fish are commonly taken with this underutilized technique.

A surefire way to locate walleye during the summer is by following the wind. Fishing the windward side of main lake basin structure like prominent points, humps, reefs, islands and other steep drop-offs is the fastest way to find active fish. Sand flats in the 20- to 30-foot range are also walleye holding magnets in the summer on Lac Seul. Backtrolling or using an electric trolling motor in conjunction with a quality sonar and GPS combo will allow you to eliminate unproductive water and stay on schools of fish once you find them.

Another draw to the waters surrounding Sioux Lookout is the chance to catch trophy muskie. Big Vermilion Lake offers good numbers of muskie, while Lac Seul is renowned for big fish. Anglers in the know target cabbage weed beds in bays and adjacent to shallow rock structure. Top summertime baits include large in-line bucktail spinners, jerk-baits and for thrilling topside strikes try top-water baits during calm late day conditions. MUCH MORE While walleye and muskie receive much of the attention, there is more to be had for those seeking other species. In particular, excellent fishing opportunities exist for small mouth bass, pike and lake trout. June is the best month for small mouth action and lake trout and pike can be caught in good numbers all season long.

There are more lakes too. In addition to Lac Seul and Big Vermilion, Sioux Lookout offers boat access to Abram Lake, Pelican Lake and Minitaki Lake. Minitaki is another walleye hot-spot with good bass and pike fishing and the chance for a monster lake trout as well. With all the lakes and species in the area it makes sense to hire a guide. They can show you around and get you on the best fishing in short order. Shorelunch is another specialty of the local guides that shouldn’t be missed.

Upon arriving in Sioux Lookout, the most difficult decision you’ll likely face is what to fish for and where. This northwestern Ontario town is truly a fishermen’s dream.


About Author

Ben is a fishing guide and outdoor writer living in Sioux Lookout, in northwestern Ontario’s Sunset Country. Originally from southern Ontario, Ben has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo. His love of fishing and hunting brought him to Sioux Lookout, where he lives with his wife and 2 sons. Ben is a dedicated outdoorsman who is passionate about fishing and hunting. With famous Lac Seul in his backyard the fishing possibilities are endless – from January through December. In his 12th year guiding, Ben is dedicated to customer service and works hard every day to ensure his guests have the best possible experience on the water. From keeping a bend in the rods with walleye action to chasing trophy muskies, Ben does it all.

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