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As ice fishing season swings into action here in the great white north, anglers in Manitoba are flocking to their local retailers to find the next hottest item.

When Ardisam (a Wisconsin company) came out with the new ION X last year I knew I had to have one. The original ION had a 3 amp battery, which while dependable had some anglers concerned they would run out of charge on cold day with plenty of drilling. That has all changed.

The ION X features a new single piece cast bottom design as well as a 5 amp-hour XC5 lithium ion battery. The new cast bottom design change is almost a miracle in itself. It creates perfectly even blade engagement and results in unbelievably smooth drilling, re-drilling, and break through. Not only that but you can drill up to 41 metres of ice (1600 inches) per charge with the all-new XC5, a five amp-hour battery with over 60 per cent  more capacity than previous ION batteries.

If you are bit of a lure freak like me you will be fascinated by the new Northland Glo-Shot Spoon – This new spoon from Northland Fishing Tackle features an insertable Glo-Stick that will stay illuminated for 12 hours. Show fish something they have not seen before with this spoon that tested well in March 2017 on Lake of the Woods for Gussy and some of his friends. This spoon will be an excellent stocking stuffer!

Bring the fish to you this Christmas! Using science and innovation to mimic nature, BaitCloud has created a biodegradable attractant that fish can see, smell, feel, hear and taste. Each ball creates an attractant zone lasting long after the initial fizzing activation. NEW InLine Formula – fasten the ball to your line for more control.

Vexilar, the innovators and leaders of ice fishing sonar technology are making a bold move with their iconic brand for the 2017/18 ice fishing season. They are adding not one, but two newly re-designed flasher systems that utilize the proven platform of the best-selling FLX28, to create the all new FLX-12 and FLX-20… it may not fit in your stocking but there is certain to be room under the tree!




The brand new 360GT Trick Tail Minnow Jig has me excited. I hope to grab a couple before I head out on my trout fishing excursion to western Manitoba.
The Jjg head works extraordinarily well for probing the bottom or fishing with a lift and drop technique. Belly and back slots for easy rigging and maximizing hook gap.


Speaking of new jigs ACME has made some serious inroads in the ice fishing market. Their new tungsten jig is now available in HD 2 which stands for High Definition/High Durability! It also has a super sharp red hooks and the high purity tungsten creates a heavy weight in a small package.


The NEW “Baitfish” UV Series provides a special UV coating for an extraordinary glow under water. The realistic outer bait “skin” will fool fish every time and, combined with the legendary Kastmaster flash action, will help you catch more fish!

The iFish Pro Tip Up is not your regular tip-up. The iFish Pro benefits you the angler with a chance to fight fish with a rod. This setup has been featured a number of times on Uncut Angling with Aaron Weibe putting it through it’s paces. 
Features include a sturdy, 12- inch black base that absorbs sunlight and fits over any hole, a wind deflector, and a trigger system that can detect the lightest bites from perch to giant northern pike. Extendable rod holder with stabilizer that accommodates rods up to 46 inches.


Sold with two slip-stops, two triggers, and a double-sided 14 inch flag.


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