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It was early November, a freshening northwest wind blowing across Traverse Bay, bringing with it flecks of snow. I was out on the water looking for the mighty greenback walleye that this area was famous for. I have been fishing this area for about 35 years, a testament to how good this fishery is. Over the years, I have worn an incredible array of cold weather gear to withstand the extreme conditions that can exist when on open water at this time of the year. This particular day I was as warm as a bug in a rug thanks to some new gear I was trying out for the first time, the FXR Excursion Suit.

This gear not only impressed me with its warmth, but maneuverability and fit. It didn’t stiffen up in the cold weather, a huge improvement over a lot of the cold weather gear out there. This suit works perfectly for ice fishing or any cold weather situation. It also has floatation assist technology (F.A.S.T.) which will allow you to stay on top of the water if you fall in. It has been around for ten years now and there are many testimonials on YouTube about the product and its ability to save lives. Here is the link to a short video on one such lucky snowmobiler that fell through the ice north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. You can also find a link to it on our website Friends Ian Krahn and Josh McFaddin are now helping with the marketing of this Canadian company, famous for its snowmobile and motocross racing apparel. Owned by Manitoban Milt Reimer this company continues to expand its product line to include other activities including ice fishing.

FLOATATION ASSISTANCE SAFETY TECHNOLOGY (F.A.S.T.) • F.A.S.T. insulation is made from an expanded, low-density polyethylene foam membrane that offers buoyancy assistance for up to two hours. • The floatation membrane construction has excellent insulation properties, even when wet, which is integral should you be submerged. • The F.A.S.T. membrane is also moisture resistant and lightweight, which allows the user to retain excellent warmth and mobility. • IMPORTANT – FXR jacket and pants with F.A.S.T. must be worn together as a suit to achieve buoyancy properties. • Additionally, F.A.S.T. items will be rendered ineffective in adverse conditions such as strong water currents. • F.A.S.T. equipped products provide exceptional mobility, warmth, style, and attention to detail while offering buoyancy properties, but are NOT COAST GUARD APPROVED.


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