Falcon Lake Fish-Off Donates Ticket Sales to Charity


The Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off was cancelled due to Covid-19, but we still gave away over $60,000 worth of cash and prizes! We’re very proud to have raised $18,780.00 for the St. Amant Foundation! Thanks to everyone who watched the draw, thanks to everyone who offered kind words of support. Especially thanks to our sponsors who support us year after year.

Every year we work hard to raise money for the St. Amant foundation. Over the past 5 years we’ve raised over 60 thousand dollars. Much of that money comes from the on-ice activities such as the silent auction, 50/50, bait, merchandise & food sales, the LOWBrewCO beer gardens, as well as a portion of ticket sales.

When we were forced to cancel the 2020 Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off, the St. Amant Foundation was set to be the biggest loser. We believe that the charitable contribution of this event is of utmost importance. We recognize that our fisheries are a public good, and as such, events like this should do a public good. In a time when we’re all struggling with the effects of social isolation, the importance of supporting an organization that provides resources and support for people that struggle with social isolation every day comes to the forefront.

With that in mind, The Falcon Lake Winter Fish-Off pledged to donate the proceeds of all ticket sales after the cancellation to the St. Amant Foundation. We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve raised $13,368.00 for the St. Amant foundation as a result! Add that to the money raised in the 50/50 and we get a total of $18,780.00 raised for the St. Amant Foundation this year!

Lets do it again in 2021, March 20th, this time we’ll wet a line!

Scott Kerr was the winner of our $15,000 grand prize


Mike Nocei was our 2nd place winner and took home a new CanAm Outlander

Evan Paulley was our 3rd place winner and took home our AlumaCraft boat package


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