Hooked Fishing Report For July 10th, 2020


A lot has changed since our last fishing report with border restrictions and the stay close to home policy. Some provinces have been more fortunate than others in the fight to contain the pandemic. In Manitoba we have not had a case in July yet and our numbers are low. This has allowed the government to open the province up to travel for residents and as well as people from the western provinces. Many of us can now visit our favourite lakes and lodges.


Parts of Manitoba has seen a major amount of moisture in the last month. This has swollen creeks and rivers as well as many lakes. Some of the bright spots include Lake of the Prairies and Lake Winnipeg. The walleye fishing on these lakes has been spectacular. It doesn’t really matter where you go on either body of water, the fish seem to be everywhere. Hooked Editor Don Lamont and his wife made a trip up to Hecla Island with some friends to enjoy the provincial campground and the great fishing. Lamont found the fish in water from 12 to 20 feet and caught walleye using both crankbaits and jigs.

Lake Winnipeg doubleheader

Lake of the Prairies was much the same story with fish being caught all over in similar depths of water. Anglers are using mostly jigs and salted shiner minnows and the fish are in 12 to 18 feet. Check out this video put together by Travel Manitoba.

For those fishing closer to Winnipeg the mighty channel cat has been a hero for anglers looking for some intense action. With current flows high, these fish have been on a rampage ever since the opening of the season in early May. If you have never experienced catching one of these top of the line predators, now is the time. Remember to bring your sunscreen and lots of water. You might also want to consider some energy food as these fish will just wear you out!

Last but not least a select crew of hardcore anglers have been targeting largemouth bass on the Reynolds ponds. There is a resident population of big bucket mouths which are thriving with catch and release fishing only. Check this 20 inch bruiser caught by Peter Hrynda.



Intense winds for most of June left the south basin of the lake a mudbowl. This messed up what was a great spring bite for walleye and freshwater drum. Clarity has improved somewhat and anglers are catching some walleye. The perch fishing, however, has made a comeback and good catches are being reported in 19 feet of water off the first drop off into the main lake basin.

The hotspot on the lake has been at the Lake Manitoba Narrows. Water flow between the south and north basin has been attracting large schools of walleye and drum. You can find more out about that here.


 As we head into the heart of the summer in Northwestern Ontario, one can not escape the strange feeling of almost no boats on our waterways. As the border closure stretches into the foreseeable future, thankfully the interprovincial restrictions are being lifted. For those of you from Manitoba or other parts of Northwestern Ontario, now is the time to visit the Vermilion Bay area. I have been fishing Eagle Lake the past month and a half and most days you’ll see less than 10 boats. If anyone has ever wanted to hire a guide to fish any of the area’s lakes this is the summer to do it. Send me an email and I can hook you up with guides for almost any lake in the region. gmac91@sympatico.ca

Across Sunset Country fishing has been amazing. Early season walleye fishing was fantastic and continues to remain very good. Pre-spawn bass fishing was excellent and as we head into July we should see bass move into familiar summer spots.


Musky season has been open for a couple weeks now, in a normal year this is big news. With all the camps being closed, musky fishing is left to the die hard few that put in the time and effort to chase these freshwater giants.  Musky fishing has been pretty typical for the end of June, some fish being caught, however it is hard to pattern what the fish are doing. We should start to see musky move to summer areas in early July as water temps reach the low to mid 70’s. I just got off the water July 2nd and water temps were already reaching 75-77 degrees. A word of caution to those chasing musky this time of year, they are easily stressed in the warm water temps. Keep handling fish to a minimum and only take fish out of the water for a quick photo before making sure a safe release is possible.

The unfortunate Covid situation is leaving the tourism sector in jeopardy in Ontario, for anyone wishing to visit a lodge or camp now is the time. We will welcome you in Northwestern Ontario and you will have the time of your life. The silver lining is having lakes essentially to yourself. Feel free to check me out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732217333 Or instagram at 54orbust


Wind, rain and high, muddy water made June a tough month for anglers in Saskatchewan. Things have turned around big time in July.


We did open our cabins and marina store on June 1st coinciding with the Provincial park. June was a write off between the crazy winds we had and no Americans or out of province Canadians allowed in the Provincial Park and Park only operating at 50% capacity.
Now things are really hopping as the Park has opened and operating at 100% and the weather has also cooperated with light winds and sunshine!! AND the fishing is really turning on.
I have started to bait my areas for Carp and will be guiding some fisherman for these awesome monsters in thew next few days and am going to promote this untapped resource.

NOTE: Rob has been guiding on the lake for years and he is an expert angler. To book a guide trip with Rob email him at fish@gsmarina.com


Boyd is happy that the fishing has turned on at Tobin Lake!

Most of May and June was a write off on Tobin as the reservoir was inundated with muddy water from Alberta. In the last week that has all changed. All the gates on the dam on the end of the reservoir are now open and the lake is down four feet. Hardcore angler Boyd Holmen has spent the last thee days on the water. He has been fishing the main lake in 19-23 feet of water, trolling bottom bouncers and spinners.

That is quite the spinner rig, a whole smorgasbord!

He says the walleye are suicidal right now. In fact, after releasing a 27 inch fish, a friend in another boat fishing beside him caught it two minutes later! His largest so far is 29 inches pictured below


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