Fall Trout Fishing Can Be Spectacular!


Robyn Grant and Robert Karpiak are always on the lookout for places to go in Manitoba. In the fall time they love to target different species including a variety of trout. While the lakes they choose are not secret, their attention to detail and hard work usually pays off with some trophy fish.

Here are a couple of their recommendations.


 Late season walleye and pike fishing can be a lot of fun, but there are other fish in the lake! Late September and early October means spawning season for lake trout.  Giant lakers can be caught in only a few feet of water while casting in sandy bays.   Silver and blue spoons proved to work best for Robyn and I on our recent trip to Reed Lake.

Another pit stop you should make, Footprint Lake. This body of water is located just north of Grand Rapids, is quickly becoming one of our favourite places to fish. The lake is home to master angler sized browns, rainbows, brooks and tiger trout. The variety cannot be matched by any other lake that I’m aware of. This quiet little gem is worth a quick visit or even a camp out for a few days. Robyn and I have tried many different techniques this fall, all of which have produced successful catches. Try tossing a small silver spoon, Mepps spinner, or black marabou style jig tight to the cat tails as you move along the shoreline.   My favorite way to catch fish on Footprint is with a fly rod, weather permitting of course.  A long tailed black streamer has been producing extremely well on the lake so far this fall. If all else fails, or there are higher winds making casting a bit tricky, troll slowly around the lake about 40 to 50 feet from the shoreline with a spinner or jerk bait tie on. There is a good chance you will be able to catch yourself a delightful shore lunch.


About Author

—Robert Karpiak spent his childhood hunting and fishing under the influence of his parents, grandparents and extended family, and became a professional outfitter and hunting guide at the age of 19. —Robyn Grant  threw her first cast three years ago in 2014, and once that lure hit the water she was hooked. Spending her summers in the Manitoba Whiteshell Provincial Park and Western Ontario, it didn’t take long for this casual weekend activity to morph into a full time passion.

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